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Disappearing tooltips and menus in Mozilla Firefox

Since the update to version 13.0 or so of Mozilla Firefox I had the problem that tooltips or menus from the menubar disappear right after they show up. Usually when I check my emails and want to figure out who wrote me I put the cursor on the name and the appearing tooltip will show me the sender. But from that day on the tooltips disappeared immediately right after they had shown up. To top it all the menus in the menubar did also disappear when they were clicked. Only a frame was shown. Initially I thought this would be some kind of new feature that will hide the menu to show more content. But when the cursor was moved the menu appears to directly disappear again as soon as the mouse movement stopped. This couldn't be a feature at all.
Google wasn't a great help on first encounter. I concluded it would just be a bug in Firefox and therefore will be fixed with the next version. But the problems persists throughout several following versions and updates, hence it more and more seems to be no bug. I googled again - but nothing.


Now - months later - I gave Google another try. This time I found a bug report somewhere on a mozilla support site. I don't recall the page exactly (Google has it somewhere along this) but I remember the solution which worked perfectly for me:
In the Options dialog go to Advanced :: General and under section Browsing uncheck the use hardware acceleration when available option.


I found the site again. It's here.