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Fishbot Befehle

Im QuakeNet IRC gibt es den fishbot. Dieser geht auf einen Aprilscherz im Jahre 2004 zurück. fishbot reagiert auf bestimmte Texteingaben eines Nutzers. Es gibt derzeit 75 Benutzereingaben, die fishbot zu einer Reaktion animieren und nachfolgend in alphabetischer Reihenfolge angegeben sind. Zur Verwendung wird einfach die jeweilige Eingabe (Zeile ohne Zeilennummer versteht sich) als normaler Text in einen Channel geschrieben, in dem fishbot anwesend ist (copy-paste bietet sich zur Vereinfachung an).

Als weiterer Aprilscherz wurden im Jahr 2010 im QuakeNet Achievements eingeführt. Eines dieser Achievements hängt direkt mit der Eingabe der Fishbot Befehle zusammen. Je nach Anzahl der (jemals persönlich) eingegebenen Befehle erhält man verschiedene Stufen - hat man schließlich irgendwann alle 75 eingegeben, so erhält man den Fish Whisperer.
Beachte: Die Eingabe muss - unabhängig von Groß- und Kleinschreibung - exakt eingegeben werden. Das Weglassen oder Hinzufügen von Zeichen lässt fishbot verstummen. (Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel.)


Die Befehle zum Kopieren (ggf. führende Leerzeichen entfernen):
  1. aftershock
  2. aftershock vinegar
  3. ag
  4. ammuu?
  5. atlantis
  6. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
  7. bass
  8. bounce
  9. cake
  10. carrots handbags cheese.
  11. cows go moo
  12. crack
  13. embenzalmine nitrotomine
  14. everyone is different
  15. files don't just disappear!
  16. fish
  17. fishbot
  18. fishbot created splidge
  19. fishbot doesnt know about ...
  20. fishbot: Muahahaha. Ph33r the dark side. :)
  21. fishbot owns
  22. fishcakes
  23. fish go moo
  24. fish go notmoo
  25. flibble
  26. hampster
  27. has returned from playing counterstrike
  28. hello fishbot
  29. herring
  30. how much does fishbot cost
  31. how old is fishbot?
  32. hundreds and thousands
  33. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that fish don't m00.
  34. I know Kungfu
  35. imhotep
  36. !invite fishbot #anychannel
  37. I want everything
  38. just then, he fell into the sea
  39. Kangaroo
  40. martian
  41. /me mafipulates fishbot
  42. /me pours water on fishbot
  43. /me strokes fishbot
  44. moo?
  45. mr. slim
  46. no it isn't
  47. now there's more than one of them?
  48. oh god
  49. slaps person around a bit with a large trout
  50. sledgehammer
  51. snaffles a cookie off fishbot.
  52. snake
  53. some people are about to be run over
  54. some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster
  55. some people have rigged the enemy base with explosives
  56. spoon
  57. thanks fishbot
  58. thinks happy thoughts about pretty ladies.
  59. trout
  60. trout go moo
  61. vinegar
  62. vinegar aftershock
  63. we are getting aggravated
  64. wertle
  65. what are birds?
  66. what does maths stand for?
  67. what do you need?
  68. what is the matrix?
  69. where are we?
  70. where do you want to go today?
  71. why are you here?
  72. would you like to play a game?
  74. you can't just pick people at random!
  75. you know who else ...

Befehle in Aktion

fishbot:mmmm, Aftershock.
you:aftershock vinegar
fishbot:Ah, a true connoisseur!
fishbot:Ag, ag ag ag ag ag AG AG AG!
fishbot:you: fish go m00 oh yes they do!
fishbot:Beware the underwater headquarters of the trout and their bass henchmen. From there they plan their attacks on other continents.
you:badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
fishbot:mushroom mushroom!
fishbot:Beware of the mutant sea bass and their laser cannons!
you:carrots handbags cheese.
fishbot:...toilets russians planets hamsters weddings poets stalin KUALA LUMPUR! pygmys budgies KUALA LUMPUR!
you:cows go moo
fishbot:you: only when they are impersonating fish.
fishbot:Doh, there goes another bench!
you:embenzalmine nitrotomine
fishbot:A pleasant-tasting, thirst-quenching drink, enjoyed by all.
you:everyone is different
fishbot:No two people are not on fire.
you:files don't just disappear!
fishbot:They do if you drop them down an elevator shaft...
fishbot:you: fish go m00!
you:fishbot created splidge
fishbot:omg no! Think I could show my face around here if I was responsible for THAT?
you:fishbot doesnt know about ...
fishbot:Perhaps I'm just not telling...
you:fishbot: Muahahaha. Ph33r the dark side. :)
fishbot:you: You smell :P.
you:fishbot owns
fishbot:Aye, I do.
you:fish go moo
fishbot (action):*fishbot notes that you is truly enlightened.
you:fish go notmoo
fishbot:you LIES! Fish don't go notmoo! fish go m00!
fishbot:you: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
you:has returned from playing counterstrike
fishbot:like we care fs :(
you:hello fishbot
fishbot:Hi you!
fishbot:herring(n): Useful device for chopping down tall trees. Also moos (see fish).
you:how much does fishbot cost
fishbot:Almost a thousand pounds.
you:how old is fishbot?
fishbot (action):*fishbot is older than time itself.
you:hundreds and thousands
fishbot:MEDI.. er.. FISHBOT
you:If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that fish don't m00.
you:I know Kungfu
fishbot:Show me.
fishbot:Imhotep is invisible.
you:!invite fishbot #anychannel
you:I want everything
fishbot:Would that include a bullet from this gun?
you:just then, he fell into the sea
fishbot:The kangaroo is a four winged stinging insect.
fishbot:Don't run! We are your friends!
you (action):/me mafipulates fishbot
fishbot (action):*fishbot changes colour from invisible to brown.
you (action):/me pours water on fishbot
you (action):/me strokes fishbot
fishbot (action):*fishbot m00s loudly at you.
fishbot:To moo, or not to moo, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fish...
you:mr. slim
fishbot:Mr. Slim can be reached on extension 2754.
you:no it isn't
fishbot:Yes it is!
you:now there's more than one of them?
fishbot:A lot more.
you:oh god
fishbot:fishbot will suffice.
you:slaps person around a bit with a large trout
fishbot:sledgehammers go quack!
you:snaffles a cookie off fishbot.
fishbot:Ah snake a snake! Snake, a snake! Ooooh, it's a snake!
you:some people are about to be run over
fishbot:Frankie has about 5 seconds.
you:some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster
fishbot:Hillary's legs are being digested.
you:some people have rigged the enemy base with explosives
fishbot:Albert has.
fishbot:There is no spoon.
you:thanks fishbot
you:thinks happy thoughts about pretty ladies.
fishbot (action):*fishbot has plenty of pretty ladies. Would you like one, you?
fishbot:Trout are freshwater fish and have underwater weapons.
you:trout go moo
fishbot:Aye, that's cos they're fish.
fishbot:Nope, too sober for vinegar. Try later.
you:vinegar aftershock
fishbot:Ah, a true connoisseur!
you:we are getting aggravated
fishbot:Yes, we are.
you:what are birds?
fishbot:We just don't know.
you:what does maths stand for?
fishbot:Mathematical Anti Telharsic Harfatum Septomin.
you:what do you need?
fishbot:Guns. Lots of guns.
you:what is the matrix?
fishbot:No-one can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
you:where are we?
fishbot:Last time I looked, we were in #tbee.
you:where do you want to go today?
fishbot:anywhere but redmond :(.
you:why are you here?
fishbot:Same reason. I love candy.
you:would you like to play a game?
fishbot:The only winning move is not to play.
fishbot:would you please GO AWAY with that outwar rubbish!
you:you can't just pick people at random!
fishbot:I can do anything I like, you, I'm eccentric! Rrarrrrrgh! Go!
you:you know who else ...
fishbot:you: YA MUM!